Okay 😵 this is officially the coolest thing ever!

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Ok, slight over reaction but it IS pretty cool. I am going to jump in here tomorrow and see what this can do to take my ‘ease and flow’ game to a new level!

Okay, so not AS cool as I first thought when I stumbled upon this not so new feature of wordpress… but still pretty fun to explore if you are somewhat techy like I am.

This new ‘block’ called a ‘story block’, is pretty much what you imagine.

Just like insta’ stories, snapchat, facey…all that jazz, this feature lets you add a series of posts (images…and apparently, video) to the block, creating a ‘tap-through-able’ experience for your viewers.

Cool right?

For me, this kinda changes the game. It opens up the ability to simplify where I prioritise my content…. which formerly was Instagram… only… and if you have been with me for, oh gosh, a few YEARS now… you would know I am trying to break up with insta.

I do love it… kinda.

But it has a hold on me. An addictive like pull, to alienate all other platforms and post only to IG… something I am really trying NOT to do. I need MORE than just an auto post to facebook… and I want a space that is mine.

I have craved, for sooo fucking long, a ‘hub’ for my growing community. One that they can explore and enjoy without the noise of my pesky competition 🤭

A website is that hub.

I want to have social media, yes. But I want to simplify my focus on creating content for my website and then using that, to fan out into fun, engaging peices for my socials.

Social media, shouldn’t BE your business. It should be where you connect, and spend time with your community. It should be fun, entertaining, informative… but not overwhelming, bloated, …boring!

Your business deserves it’s own empire. One that is not hidden between story swipes and thumb scrolls. Hoping to catch attention.

I don’t know about you, but I want an empire. I want to build an experience. A place people can visit for a serious dose of motivation and badass focus vibes that energise them to get shit done today!

I definately don’t want them to be distracted by every other person they follow on social media just to destroy the mood I worked hard to empower them with.

So wordpress stories, is just one more feature that helps me turn my website into my main focus of content!

I can’t wait to explore this feature (figure out how to get it to load my videos) …as upon first try it kept failing.

I will be back in here to track my findings with wordpress stories, so if you are keen to learn more… keep an eye out for more.

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