WordPress Storys Continued…

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Okay so we have video! Let’s be real, story’s are better with video so it only makes sense to want video to work.
I am yet to work out if it’s a bug, or my wifi.. but I can’t for the life of me, get it to upload video on my mobile, using the wordpress app.. which is a pretty useful app in itself, so ideally it’d be great to be able to do storys from there.

I am on my computer today.. to get the video to upload, I had to go into my media folder, where things get uploaded here on wordpress, and then do a story from my computer by uploading the videos.. these videos I recorded in IG (as I love the filters over there – yes.. filter whore, #noshameinmygame)

So, it’s turning out to be a pretty disappointing feature so far *sadface*
I will keep playing..but for now. this is the latest update.

Also, instead of me doing a new blog for each update, I am going to add to this one… and hopefully add to the story above too!

Ah well – some things just don’t work out initially, but I have a feeling wordpress will be on to this if it is a bug, so only good is to come!
There is still a shit load of game changing things I will be sharing over the coming weeks to help you create ease and flow with in your business using wordpress.

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