When a sleep in is not aligned…you’ll know

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Do you ever sleep in beyond what you initially wanted to?

I did – this morning in fact, and I’m not happy about it.
Sometimes we need the extra sleep, I get it. I can hear the voices of friends and family who are always positive and caring, telling me “you obviously needed it”

This is true – we do need sleep. Plus having an almost 9 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night (still wakes 4-5 times in fact) pretty much indicates I likely need the sleep.

However, here’s what I feel to be true.
If I sleep in, and wake feeling refreshed.. I needed it.
If I sleep in and wake feeling “oh fuck!” and irritable, then it was me letting my higher self down.

This morning I had shit to do!
Miles was a real challenge yesterday and didn’t day nap. Well that’s a lie, he did finally give in after an hour of crying, for around 10 mins. enough time for me to grab my phone, sit on the couch and hit record on my phone to create an “about me” video for the website (which btw – I will likely post anyway!)

He also woke the second we got home from gym, jumped in bed, and I again grabbed my phone to write yesterdays blog post… in case you’re looking for it, it’s not there. He took another hour or so to get back to sleep, and by then I was spent.
So I had it in my head, that this morning I’d catch up.
9am I woke.. 9 am!!!
I usually start work (one our e-commerce orders) at 8am.

Adrian didn’t come up to wake me, he never does. He, like most around me, likes to let me get sleep when I can.. I love him for it.
This morning, however, was definitely one of those days when I was really wanting to be up early so I could do the work that lights me up, such as blogging and creating content for the group coaching program I am launching.

Here’s the thing that I want you to take away from this post today,
when you catch yourself feeling irritable, that is an indicator that you are acting out of alignment with your higher self. By higher self, I am talking about the version of yourself that has the life you would love to be living ultimately. The money, the success, the control over their time… all of it. That life, is lived by a certain version of you, one that KNOWS they deserve it all. The one who knows when you make sacrifices, when to say no, and when to just get shit done.

She knows when a sleep-in is needed, and when one wasn’t.

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