packages for voxer mentoring:

1 week intensive $222

1 month $666 

3 month package $1777

6 month package $3333

What is Voxer mentoring?

Voxer mentoring, is coaching & support, via voice messages in a free app, Voxer.

Voxer coaching, if you have never tried it, will change the fucking game for you I promise!

I believe this level of connection with a mentor is an absolute must if you are craving a new income level as your new normal.

ie. you are making $0 in your biz and you want $5k months.


you are making $10,000 & want $20,000 months

Let’s be clear though – your mentor (aka. ME) WILL not shake a wand and make this your new normal… YOU are responsible for your own journey. Choosing to get support, choosing to ensure you show up & hold yourself to a higher level of commitment is how you get there.

Voice mentoring, like voxer, is the unlimited, ongoing, annnytime support you need to keep you in that high flow state that takes inspired, bold action.

Voxer mentoring allows you to vent your struggles, throw your thoughts and ideas out there for validation, and or feedback. You don’t need validation.. but it fucking fun to vibe with someone on your journey who gets you.


1 week, trial coaching, via voxer

1 month coaching, via voxer

3 months coaching, via voxer

6 months coaching, via voxer

Voxer Mentoring Packages