Saying yes to Rebel Soul

Saying yes to soul

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Saying yes to Rebel Soul

I couldn’t sleep last night.

You know those nights when your brain just freakin’ comes alive and you can’t switch it off no matter what you try??

You take your phone out of the room.. only to go get it again 30 minutes later because the idea you just had was too damn good to let slip away and you have no goddam pen or paper.

Welp I was having one of them nights ^^ and honestly, it’s a love-hate relationship.

As you may (or if you’re new to my world, you may not) know, that 9 weeks ago I had my 4th child, Miles.

My pregnancy was fairly cruisy up until the 30th week, when things went downhill faster than .. something really fucking fast.

Long story short-ish, I had complication after complication so my business took a little hit energetically.

I’m stubborn so I kept showing up, however the vibe just wasn’t there and it showed.

Resulting in a bit of a hault in my coaching & my e-commerce businesses.

It’s funny how things tend to happen for a reason though.

Had my business have not slowed down, I’d have seriously struggled and quite possibly had of burnt out

Side note, for those who don’t know me well, I have had my e-commerce business for over 10 years. It’s fairly profitable, I have a team & consistent sales that generate enough income to allow me to have been self employed full time, buy a home, 2 cars & travel constantly (pre-covid).

Even though it slowed down, it wasn’t enough to financially impact my life.

The reason I backstoried a little there, was to bring you to where I find myself today, after 5 months of being in a season of personal challenges, I am craving more than anything, to harness my creativity again.

I don’t love when I am hands off in my business.

I don’t feel fulfilled when everyone’s doing all the things for me.

I am a creative being, who’s energised when I am exposed to new opportunities to help, support and surround myself with driven & determined women.

I belong in the online coaching space. I feel it in my soul.

So for the past week, I have dived back into some online courses I have invested in over the years, to awaken that creativity, my inner Rebel Soul who knows what the fuck she needs to do in order to live the life she so badly desires for her family.

Laying there last night, the words “Rebel Awakening” were running through my head on repeat. No matter what idea popped through, Rebel Awakening was at the forefront.

The messaging coming through for me in the dark hours of the night, was that I am no longer who I was last year.

I am ready for more.

I am ready to step into my true calling and fully say yes to my Rebel Soul.

In order to fully step into who I am with confidence, I need to do the ground work and awaken my Rebel Soul.

So today, April 30th 2021… I am saying yes to my Rebel Soul.

Let’s Fucking Go!

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