Start your online store & sell your first product

without knowing anything at all about websites or techy-stuff!

Yes! You read that right…

You do not need to know ANYTHING about selling online, building a website, coding, of any other tech mumbo-jumbo.

I got you. We don’t do complicated here.

with over 18 years of experience in e-commerce, and having built multiple online stores myself, I am so incredibly excited to share this program with you!

This is the first online course I ever created, so it’s close to my heart. 
The best part is, over the years I have been able to learn from past students to tweak and improve the lessons that you’ll find inside.

When I was 17, I became pregnant with my now 17-year-old and I decided then & there, that I wanted to create enough income online so that I could be home 24/7. 
Little did I know I had so much to learn.

I can’t even imagine how that would have looked had I had started in today’s world when there is an abundance of tech options, email providers, payments gateways .. not to mention platforms to promote on! 

As a teen, from the age of about 12, I had already started exploring eBay and other ways of selling some things online & I was hooked. I knew that it was possible to make sales, and that’s all I felt I needed to know.

It wasn’t until I had to go back to work, after having my daughter, that I realised, there was still a bit I needed to figure out before I could turn my e-commerce goals into a reality that would enable my desire to stay home.

Eventually, I cracked the code & for over 12 years have had an incredibly profitable online store.

I learnt the secrets to generating sales, without actually having to “sell” anything in the hustle sense. Sales now flow to me automatically, with zero effort on my part.

I can’t lie. It’s pretty awesome!

Here's the truth, that other successful online sellers don't tell you...

It’s not easy. Especially in todays world where there is option overload.
We don’t need MORE options, we need ACTION.

There is actually alot of skills that you need to master, gradually over time, and there is a level of commitment with patience required.

The good news is, it’s not actually as hard as you think to learn. 
In fact, I have worked with enough people now to know exactly how to break down each “skill” so that it’s incredibly easy to understand.

I promise you, you will finish this program feeling, quite honestly, like a bit of a badass with the skills you’ll have.

What you'll Learn:

Module One: The Idea Stuff

Lesson 1 | Brainstorming ideas, and a simple idea validation process

Lesson 2 | Naming your business + BONUS Getting an ABN walkthrough video *australian*

Lesson 3 | Let’s talk prices – What should you charge?

Lesson 4 | Mindset, Let’s get you confident & serious about your business!

Module Two: The Tech Stuff

Lesson 1 | Let’s talk platforms, and make this simple shall we!

✔Lesson 2 | Setting up your online store fundamentals

✔Lesson 3 | Adding products

✔Lesson 4 | Visuals & Maintenance


Module Three: The Social Media Stuff

Lesson 1 | Optimizing social media for a business

Lesson 2 | Marketing for free 

✔Lesson 3 | Keeping it simple & organized


Module Four: The Sales Stuff

Lesson 1 | Selling your first product

✔Lesson 2 | Building your seller reputation

✔Lesson 3 | How to get returning customers


I have seriously simplified EVERYTHING in a very clear, step – by – step – by – step method.
Each module is loaded with short, bite-sized videos so that you can watch & implement them as you reach each stage in your journey.

If you are ready to start selling (either physical or digital) products online, with your very own online store AND feel totally confident maintaining it, then this is the program for you.

The first module opens on DEC 3rd 2021.


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