Okay.. this is embarrassing!

blogging in the bath

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It’s official, I have decided it’s impossible to have a ‘new’ original ideal… or concept.

I just googled, blogging in the bath.

Why? whelp… honestly.. and now embarrassingly, I thought this was a cool hack for creating content that I wanted to share. I’d not tried it based on someone else sharing this suggestion with me… I started writing blogs in my nightly bath all on my own.
Turns out…shit loads of people do this and it’s far from a new or original concept.

Feeling ridiculous that for a moment I thought I had some game-changing content time-saving hack to brace the world for, I almost didn’t share it…. then I realized…

you don’t need new or original content, hacks, or methods to be successful.

Heck, I bet it’s near impossible.
There are sooo many fucking brilliant minds on this planet, chances are someone else has had that same idea and likely shares it too.

The key is… not what we share, it’s how.

How we share it is what makes us unique.
Our unique voice, perspective, and energy is what makes someone else hear it for the first time.
As leaders, it’s our job to educate our community so they can uplevel the way they experience life.
Our community becomes our community by connecting with the way we teach… not so much what we teach.
Of course they benefit most when the what is aligned with their current situation, however its the way and how that draws them in and has them bingeing our content.

If you are like me, and sometimes question if you should share something, thinking maybe its to basic and been done before… 100000% share it!
Your community wants it from you.
Not the other 10,000 people also posting about it…. YOU.

You are their inspiration.
You are their go to.
Step into that and know its how your sharing it that matterrs

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