My launch was another flop

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I just dropped my first very program for 2021. My first time sharing a program since having Miles.

It flopped.

Not one single sale.

Why am I admitting this? Am I freaking crazy?
Shouldn’t I be playing it cool – like hell yeh what an epic launch, thanks for all the DM’s? Making out like we just nailed it – in hopes of creating a sense of missing out, or dayum she is on fire….

Nah – something within me, a nudge, a download as the cool kids say, is telling me to share the raw, uninspiring truth

IT FLOPPED – and it’s all good.

A failed launch is only a fail if you decide to label it one.

Having no-one sign up – does not make YOU a failure.
I still have a $27,000 per month business, despite this “flop”.

Having no-one sign up does not conclude your story.

Having no-one sign up does not harm your authority or credibility.

Unless you decide it does.

Let’s be real here – it stings when something doesn’t hit the mark.
Be a little odd, if we didn’t feel something.

But here’s the thing… the better you get at launching the flops, the better you get at launching.
The better you get at launching, the closer you get to nailing it.

I am no stranger to things not working – I have been experimenting with creating income online for 18 years.

I am all too familiar with the sting.
All too familiar with the sound of crickets, and investments down the drain.

I’m here to tell you that, I am also very fucking familiar with the power of persistence.
The power of backing myself!
The power of refusing to stop!

That 17 years old me – starting up her first ebay adventure always knew that working for myself was always an option. In fact it was THE option.

My first mission was to get a sale… one sale.
That was all I needed to prove to myself this was possible.

Earning income, from my computer, was possible.

That one sale – lead to the curiosity of HOW. How did that sale happen… what did I say? What did I write? What did I share, that caused someone on the internet to buy from me?

From there, I continued to learn, grow, consume & persist.

All of which lead me to my next goal – to earn 100% of my income online.
By the time I was 19, I was earning enough income to stay home, and be a full time mum working online.

With each new goal I would eventually achieve – the knowing that I was meant for more, grew stronger, the emotional connection to every experiment got weaker.

This is the very combination you need to succeed.

Increased knowing & decreased attachment.

Without backing yourself fully, knowing that everything is just an experiment – until it sticks, and can reproduce results, you will never reach your goals.

Without decreased attachment to the outcomes you will continue to feel the sting, and eventually it will all become too much.

PS. Your audience isn’t always right.

Sometimes the thing you created STILL deserves to be purchased.
A subtle change in how you package it, or market it could be the very thing that went wrong.

Trust your gut instinct & continue to create the life you want.

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