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You’ll walk into this thinking
you were made for more
and walk out
KNOWING you ARE meant for more

It’s time to finally make shit happen, you don’t just know it, you can actually feel it.

Tell me, you don’t have that burning desire brewing up in your stomach when you imagine that epic life.
One full of incredible memories, experiences, money, laughter, connections, & confidence.

Tell me you don’t want that to be your actual reality.

It’s exactly the reality I had planned for myself.
One I make sure I’m creating Every. Single. Day.

I am full of gratitude that my life no longer includes answering to someone else, (like a boss) If Adrian & I want to take the kids away on a holiday last minute, we can!
Or having to check the bank before the bills are due to make sure they don’t bounce.

I am full of gratitude that I have a life that includes Eggs Benedict, and an iced coffee, by the beach at our favourite cafe every Friday, because we get to decide not to work on Fridays.

I am filled to the brim with gratitude for these things… but I know why it is how it is.

I learnt how to back myself.
I learnt how to prioritise this very vision, and feel zero guilt about it.
I learnt how to slow down, spare a second to make mindful, conscious decisions without getting stuck in a state of anxiety, overwhelm & fear that I’d fuck it all up.

I have been where you are, right now.

That moment in your life, right before it all shifts into place.
I remember that feeling. A feeling of knowing….

You know it… you absolutely know it!! It is time.

You are ready to call yourself out.

Enough bullshit
Enough playing small
❌Enough spinning your wheels
❌Enough “being the nice girl”
❌Enough waiting
❌Enough struggling
❌Enough feeling bored!

It’s time to be all in.
All in on redesigning who you wake up being.

Ok, I’ve done my bit… I have told you how it is, the next step, however, is on you.
This is where you get to decide.

Are you all in?

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