Looking to get your momentum back?
Need a little kickstart?
Sick of bullshit advice, should-do’s, and totally cliché crap

Perhaps you’re just getting started with your online business, or maybe you have been busting your ass at this for years, whatever the case, if you are feeling the urge you cut the bullshit and get your ass into full focus mode… then you are in the right place!

Below you will find two new opportunities to work with me, as your mentor, that I opened up for Jan & Feb, with content creators who are seeking a kick up the ass from someone who has
✓built their own online business,
✓has consistent revenue flow &
✓can relate to the rollercoaster ride of trying to get the initial traction in business.

It sucks!
It’s hard. It’s actually sooo much harder than we first imagine, and it’s freakin’ frustrating when you see “influencers” & coaches, boasting about how easy it gets to be.. FUCK THAT BULLSHIT.

Here’s what they want you to think.

They want you to think they tap into flow with complete ease & that they have a secret strategy that they’ll give you.

They want you to think, they hustled in the beginning, but now they know they never actually had to.

They want you to believe that everything you’re doing now is wrong!

When the reality is….

The early days do take hard work. 
Hard mostly, because you are learning.. learning ALOT. 
Hard because, you wear all the hats, even when somedays you don’t want to.
Hard because, your audience doesn’t know you fully just yet – and maybe, even you don’t know you fully just yet.


It’s these things that contribute to the feeling that it’s hard now & why it doesn’t have to be always.

Why I’m different…

I won’t try to sell you on bullshit advice.

I have built my own business, (online) quite a few in fact.

I have created enough consistent income to fully support my family of 6 – and now my husband gets to work from home with me. (Which is not for everyone – but I personally love it!)

I did do the hard work in the early days 
I did wear all the hats (before I hired a team)
I did make sacrifices (so that I can enjoy more time now)
I did become selfishly unstoppable in my pursuit to have a business that supports my life.

I said no to things in my personal life,
so that now I can say no to things in my work life.

Truth? I don’t have a secret strategy for you to steal so you can cut corners…

I have a reality check instead.
Do the work now – so that you can work however you want later (soon in fact!)

You gotta get that cash flowing in before the work get’s easier. That’s just fact!


Now that you know this – and you are ready to do the work, the next step is to book in a consult where you and I will jump on a zoom call & go over where you’re at, where you want to go & what working with me would look like.

Here’s a peak at what is available:
A short 4 week coaching offer that catered to newbies in the space who are a little nervous making a, lets face it, huge investment.

And to make it even more attainable for newbies

💰I am offering 2 options💰

💥Package 1 // $400usd

exclusively me & you. Unlimited voxer & email support PLUS a zoom chat (up to 90mins) each week over the 4 weeks together.

*Ideal if you want as much hands on help as possible, especially on those weekly calls.

💥Package 2 // $300usd pp

Coach share. Me, you & up to 2 others.

Unlimited voxer & email support PLUS a zoom chat with up to 3 others  (up to 90mins) each week over the 4 weeks together.

*Ideal if you have a friend and you want to take this up together or you love jamming on zoom, with a group.