It’s called “carving out time” for a reason…

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I have never been one to struggle with making space and time for my creative work. It seems to just open up for me.
Perhaps it’s just that I am doing what I love, so the mind can easily tune in, and find pockets of time simply by casting a misty fog over all other tasks that remain pending. Has that ever happened for you?

One part of you knows you have quite a lot that really should get done, perhaps it’s laundry, perhaps it’s a bunch of appointments you need to call and book in… perhaps it’s organizing your daughter’s costume for the party she’s been invited to this weekend…

Then you tune in to the business you’re casually growing on the side, and something you love doing, appears on your mental to-do list… suddenly you pull out your laptop & jump right in… everything else becomes blocked out by the mist of being in flow.

Well, lately, I find myself in new circumstances.
A time in my life, where I find myself with a child, (8 months old now) and still not sleeping through the night, nor napping well during the day… time seems limited.
I still have the same 24hours in my day, I’ve always had.
The same 24 hours in my day that my mentors have.
The same 24 hours in my day that you have.
Yet the days seem to race away before I even get a chance to explore my mental to-do list, and experience the state of flow that I formally found so easy to tap into.

For the past 8 months, washing has piled up, going days between laundry.
School commitments become lost in a pile of “I’ll get to it laters”
and my business is running on autopilot.

If I am honest – I am grateful that I do already have a strong business foundation. I have consistent sales that flow in daily without very much effort or thought.
However, I am working on a new stream of income, where I can create & sell online programs sharing the wisdom I myself, have invested soo much time and money into obtaining over 18 years of building my own online empire.

I love that there is so much opportunity to express myself creatively and tap into the state of flow that allows the rest of my to-dos to be covered over in the glorious misty fog that comes with being inflow.

In the past 8 months, I have come to realise that, the ability to “tap in” and step into that flow state, isn’t as easy as it once was.. in fact, it’s hard as fuck!
It got me thinking as to how many others struggle with this?

It brings me back to time.
We get lost in the thought of “wanting, needing MORE time” and this thought alone is impossible.
No-one can obtain MORE time… in fact, with every passing second, we get less time.. and that is just how life moves forward.

So what we really need to confront is the realization that we must use the time we have in a state of control. Full control.
A really knowing of what is getting done in the time we have been allocated as living beings on this earth.

I really do love the saying “Carve Out Time”
It represents a challenge.
It displays true grit.
A real desire to have control.

We can’t just hope we’ll find the time.
We can’t just assume time will become available.

We need to step into the leader of our own life, and understand that if we don’t start controlling the actions taken in time, then we’ll forever be in a state of losing out.
With so many elements in our day that have the potential to consume up our precious minutes, it’s crucial that we decide once and for all how each minute will be spent.
You get to decide, what you will do now, what you will do next.
You always have a choice!
Even when you think you don’t, you do… you’re just making it for reasons that feel like obvious ones.. (like tending to the baby as he wakes… going to work because you have a job… picking up the children because they attend school)

These time accumulating decisions, seems easy, because the effects of not doing them is almost instant…
But what about the impact of not reaching the level of success you vision for yourself?
What about the impact of always feeling like. you are getting no-where?
What about the impact of wishing you’d have started 3 years ago?

It’s somewhat ridiculous that we don’t second guess spending time on others we love – I’m sure you’d choose picking up your child from school over ironing that load of washing….
Heck you’d even stay up til 2am if your child was sick and needed you.

.. but why is it… that you never allow the same priority to your future self? Your vision? Your success?

I’ll leave you with that thought.. let’s see what you decide to do next.

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