90 Intensive

I offer these intensive business support calls to offer a quick win for the unstoppable Boss Babes who find me, and want to get my knowledge without having to commit to one of my private packages.

Often these calls are used to: 
→ Reset/Recondition your Mindset
→ Brainstorm a launch sequence or idea
→ Discuss and plan out a pivot
→ Ask questions, Get answers/Feedback

or just

“try me on” for size as a mentor 😂

Usually, before the call, I’ll reach out if I need to do some “homework” first, so that the 90 minutes is as value packed as possible, so if you’re thinking of jumping on this offer, DM me and get me as much up to speed with your, your bz, your vision before you book, so we can get the most out of this together.

Price is: $333 

If you are a private client, you have a special link to book in your calls with me. Head to your client dashboard to book our calls x

Voxer Mentoring Packages