Honestly, should I just give up?

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I’m not kidding, sometimes I find myself asking this question.

I start ideas, and fail to see them through.
I update my social BIO then change it again weeks later.
I commit in my head to writing blog posts… then never write again.
I create new offers to grow my email list… that I never write to.
I map out programs… that I never launch.

so why the fuck am I still here.

Then it hit me…

I’m still here.

I may not be as consistent as others… but I’m still here.
I may not know how to label what I do… but I am doing it none the less.
I may not blog as much as the ideal version of me does.. but I’m still sharing my message.
I may not launch everything I map out.. but I’m still creating amazing shit!

There are thousands of humans trying to create a BIG life for themselves, by earning income online each and every day.

MOST… yes MOST eventually stop showing up all together.
In fact, I challenge you to look through your DM’s, you’ll find numerous accounts that are “deactivated” or dead (meaning, no fresh posts in months!) if you visit their accounts.

I’m not them. I’m still here.
… and so are you!

When you get down on yourself because you didn’t live up the expectation of the ideal version of you is…
Or the imperfect road you’ve taken so far…

I want you to remember that TODAY you get to decide how you will show up.
It doesn’t matter who you were yesterday.
It doesn’t matter who you will be tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter if it isn’t how you’ve ever shown up before…

All that matters, is the decision you make right now, in this moment, who you want to be TODAY.. then show up as her.

Allow yourself to be selfishly unstoppable!

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Jill Blacker

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