farewell nice girl – its’s time to level up your circle

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Today I was reminded of the power of those you surround yourself with.
We’ve all heard the saying, you are who you spend the most time with, and honestly, we hear that soo much for many of us, it loses it’s impact, it’s chill factor…

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon a really good quote, the type that makes your hairs stand on end.

It’s not exactly one of those quotes… am I right?

Today, however, the truth of that quote was felt for me.
I was scrolling the ‘gram, as I do, and my girl, my OG online Biz Bestie, Christine, shared an IG Story, sharing behind-the-scenes of her about to go live as a guest on a podcast. She was out in the car (parked, doing some after-work commitments) at the time of the live.. but this was a fairly good opportunity that would move her closer to the future she’s creating for herself, so she really wanted to make it work.
She went live, in her car!!! That is some badass making-shit-happen shit right there!

She had me feeling so freaking pumped to show up for myself, because she was showing up for herself, and that inspired the fuck out of me… and that’s why, who you spend time with (especially online) matters.
It makes a massive difference in the energy you give yourself.
Which means you’ll more likely say yes to things that light you up, experiences that move you forward, and scary shit that you gotta do in order to thrive.

It’s time to stop feeling obligated to who you hang out with.
It’s time to stop commenting and engaging just for the sake of it, or to be the nice girl…

Engage with those who move you.
Get in the DM’s with people brave enough to do the things you want to be doing.
Level up your circle, and connect MORE with incredible people who are not afraid to put themselves and their vision ahead of the mundane shit we often get caught up prioritise for who knows what fucking reason.

You deserve to have the life you want – go get it gorgeous!

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