Ep 9 | ft.Camille Curro. Are you missing these core business fundamentals?

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Todays guest is a serious breathe of fresh air in the online space with her tell-it-like-it-is personality.

Camille started her business in 2008 to help small businesses with IT solutions. Over the years she’s scaled and shifted gears multiple times, and in doing so realised the business foundations that she started with were being skipped over today, especially in the online space.
So she made it her mission to help as many entrepreneurs with creating a sustainable and scalable business their way.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What most coaches teach you is things like “niching” when really what you need to learn are 3 core business fundamentals (discussed in this episode)
  • Where you should start, when starting a business
  • Going from a employee mindset to an employer
  • How these fundamentals create a positive snowball effect on other areas of your business like the creativity.

    + so much more!

    “people are building the house, before building the foundation” – Camille Curro

Connect with Camille
https://instagram.com/camillecurroCamille would love to invite you to DM her about her program if you are ready to master the business fundamentals, so that you are set up to have a sustainable & profitable business model.

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