Ep 4 | ft. Coach Mack talking Body Positivity & Habit Stacking

YASSS!!! Could I be any more excited for my first guest episode ?? (Insert Chandler Bing impression)

Mackenzie Holznecht, aka. Coach Mack is a former strength and conditioning coach, Coach Mack has taken the science of getting in shape and applied it to real, everyday life. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to suck! The foundations of her health coaching at Running with Bacon revolve around attainable and sustainable changes that add up to big results over time. Using habits and routines of your daily life, she’ll have you moving more and ditching the calorie counting, yo-yo dieting culture we’ve all come to know (and hate). In this episode, Mack & I discuss body positivity, and how the original message has somewhat got lost. We want to show you that being healthy DOES matter. Healthy doesn’t mean looking a certain way. YOU my friend, are already fucking fabulous in every. single. way, and we want to empower you with a strong mindset around loving yourself enough to treat yourself well, inside and out. We also talk about a method called “Habit Stacking”. This is a great way to kickstart your healthy (and if .you want, productivity) habits, so that you can finally start moving closer to that version of yourself you would LOVE to fully emoby. If you are sitting there thinking,

“Gah! I would love to be able to fit in more time for myself, and my fitness…but you know.. there’s no time!”

then Coach Mack has an incredible free treat for you!

She’s put together 9 fun ways to move your body in 5 mins or less… check it out here

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