Daily Money Attraction Checklist

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I am all about bringing together the woo with the action. When you mesh together both feminine & masculine vibes in your business you get the magic money flow.

Today I want to share with you some daily habits you can try out (because it’s not what I do that will increase your money flow, it’s what you try that feels good for you that will boost your bank account)

Building a business that is actually profitable, and sustainable enough for you to officially become your own (and only) boss is hard because most people focus on doing what everyone else is doing.
They allow it to stay hard, instead of “trying” out strategys until they find one that works for them.

Let’s get one thing clear though – it’s always hard.. it never stops being hard..

it’s just that our mindset shifts from “hard” being such a shit, downward spiral of negative conversations in our head,

to becoming an opportunity to overcome a new challenge, and grow as a business owner.

I’m on my soap box right now, because I want to be clear that everything I share with you about calling in more money into your business, is merely a strategy that you can try for yourself.

These are strategies, I have learnt from others, and enjoyed enough to want to share with you.

Below is 3 daily money attraction things you can do to increase your money flow:

  1. Check your current offiers.
    Ask yourself “What is available for people to purchase from me right now?”
    If you have nothing available for sale – you’re making it extra hard for money to access you. Create offers to sell – even if it’s a $7 pdf.
  2. Write & or read money affirmations.
    I don’t care if you write them or just read them, this works! It creates an energy around you, and sets the tone for what is expected. The more badass and dominating you make your affirmations, the more likely you’ll be to show up in the day ready to recieve money.
  3. Exposure & Marketing
    Show up! Let yourself be known, be seen, be available.
    I love all things woo, such as manifesting and visualising however, I am 100% a believer in doing the work. I always notice that whenever I show up for my business (even if it’s something as simple as revamping my website, simplifying the navigation ect) I notice a leap in income. I believe this is a balance of focusing in on my business as well as giving up physical energy to my business through actual work.
    In order to attract more money, especially through sales, it’s pretty obvious that marketing your offers, and gaining exposure (through networking, showing up on video, podcasts ect) will result in that outcome. The thing is, unless you’re in a launch period, or pushing a big offer, you forget to marketing everything else.
    Take a look at #1 again, you need to have shit available to sell… even if it’s small. You also need to make sure people know about it… even if it’s small!

Honestly, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with a thousand things to do, in order to attract money.
In fact, that’s likely where you’re going wrong.

Simplify the process, and I can almost guarantee you’ll open up the cash flow gates.

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