Creating habits to reach short term goals

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There’s something to be said about setting short term goals.

As creators and leaders in the online space, its not uncommon to have really big goals & plans for our future selves.
My entire brand is built on the idea of showing up for that future version of yourself, the version that has all the subtle luxuries you would love to welcome into your reality.

The thing is – we often spend far too much time on our vision boards and writing down our dream day with every new online program we sign up for, yet so little time unpacking the steps required to take next in order to move closer to to making that day actually happen.

This is where short term goals become your secret weapon.

Recently, I recorded an episode on the podcast [selfishly unstoppable] with Coach Mack, of Running with Bacon, and she taught us about a thing called habit stacking… whilst we didn’t discuss this concept in the way I’m about to with you, it’s definitely worth listening to so that you feel motivated and inspired to implement what I’m about to share…

Short term goals, become the stepping stones that are intentionally lined out in the direction of our big ass vision. Their intention is to create clarity, and reduce overwhelm.

The short term goals can be then broken down into a series of habits, using the habit stacking strategy coach Mack and I share in episode 4 of the Selfishly Unstoppable Podcast.

This month, I am reaching one of my short term goals of reaching 1000 downloads {on the podcast} by creating a habit of blogging every day in November. Every morning, with my coffee, I will sit down to blog before I start work on our ecommerce business for the day.

My big vision, is to be able to step away from our ecommerce business {either outsource or sell it} and focus solely on evergreen products that generate passive income as well as online coaching programs, where our income is generated 100% virtually, rather than relying on physical products that require production and dispatch.

Reaching 1000 downloads, is a short term goal that is definitely aligned with the big vision I have, because reaching more people that I can help & motivate will create a community who feels a sense of know like & trust with my brand. Something that is crucial to sustainable long term success as an content creation based business.

I’ve shared my example of a short term goal and a habit I have begun to create to reach that short term goal, what’s a goal you can set right now, that nudges you closer to your bigger vision?

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