Daily Money Attraction Checklist

I am all about bringing together the woo with the action. When you mesh together both feminine & masculine vibes in your business you get the magic money flow. Today I want to share with you some daily habits you can try out (because it’s not what I do that will increase your money flow, […]

Can we talk about uncomfortable sacrifices?

I’m all calm and collected on the outside… inside, I am freaking the fuck out! Okay… it’s actually possible, that I’m freaking out a little on the outside too ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ Today… we did a thing. A HUGE thing. An extremely uncomfortable thing. A sacrifice in order to prioritize the life I want so badly to […]

Creating habits to reach short term goals

Thereโ€™s something to be said about setting short term goals. As creators and leaders in the online space, its not uncommon to have really big goals & plans for our future selves. My entire brand is built on the idea of showing up for that future version of yourself, the version that has all the […]

It’s called “carving out time” for a reason…

I have never been one to struggle with making space and time for my creative work. It seems to just open up for me.Perhaps it’s just that I am doing what I love, so the mind can easily tune in, and find pockets of time simply by casting a misty fog over all other tasks […]

It’s not about KNOWING who you are…

Every program I’ve ever taken, has had a module, or training on knowing who you are. From discovering your core values, to finding your true voice. But what if… we didn’t need to KNOW who we are… and instead, got to wake up, and simply decide who we want to be, and spend the day, […]

Honestly, should I just give up?

I’m not kidding, sometimes I find myself asking this question. I start ideas, and fail to see them through.I update my social BIO then change it again weeks later.I commit in my head to writing blog posts… then never write again.I create new offers to grow my email list… that I never write to.I map […]

3 days in & I almost gave up!

Today I actually didnt feel the desire to write.It is Sunday after all, many would think I’m crazy for even feeling the need to write. Here’s the thing – there is no need.Nothing will happen if I had not show up today.Noone would have even noticed. That right there… that last thought that popped in […]

Okay.. this is embarrassing!

blogging in the bath

It’s official, I have decided it’s impossible to have a ‘new’ original ideal… or concept. I just googled, blogging in the bath. Why? whelp… honestly.. and now embarrassingly, I thought this was a cool hack for creating content that I wanted to share. I’d not tried it based on someone else sharing this suggestion with […]

Today was a hard day..

Hard day

It really felt like the worst. I’m sure I am being overly dramatic, but at 7 pm Tuesday I was around 17minutes into a long arse screaming crying session from Miles, and I could feel myself welling up. you know that fucking shit feeling when you can feel the tears coming and you are praying […]

Saying yes to Rebel Soul

Saying yes to soul

Saying yes to Rebel Soul I couldn’t sleep last night. You know those nights when your brain just freakin’ comes alive and you can’t switch it off no matter what you try?? You take your phone out of the room.. only to go get it again 30 minutes later because the idea you just had […]