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17 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Black Friday Sale – should you, shouldn’t you?

Ohh I love a good lead up to Chrissy and this sale marks the beginning of it all as a consumer. However, as a business owner, I can totally understand the pressure of it, and the internal debate of do/don’t I have a little sumfin sumfin promo type thing for black friday.

Well sunshine, that is 100% up to you.

Here’s the thing – it gets to be fully up to you, you do not need to take anything else or anyone elses thoughts into consideration here.

If having a sale sounds fun and energising for you, fuck yeh have a sale… if it feels daunting and overwhelming, there’s no reason you need to put yourself in that head space… unless of course you really want to and it’s just a case of the CBF’s… because our big goals do not have time and space for CBF’s, time to rise above that bullshit.

I usually, don’t feel any kind of buzz around the idea of having my own sale. Never have on my ecommerce site, and never have with any coaching packages…. BuuuUUUUt, I may just have a little sumfin in the works this year… we shall see hehe xx

15 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

My launch was another flop

I just dropped my first very program for 2021. My first time sharing a program since having Miles.

It flopped.

Not one single sale.

Why am I admitting this? Am I freaking crazy?
Shouldn’t I be playing it cool – like hell yeh what an epic launch, thanks for all the DM’s? Making out like we just nailed it – in hopes of creating a sense of missing out, or dayum she is on fire….

Nah – something within me, a nudge, a download as the cool kids say, is telling me to share the raw, uninspiring truth

IT FLOPPED – and it’s all good.

A failed launch is only a fail if you decide to label it one.

Having no-one sign up – does not make YOU a failure.
I still have a $27,000 per month business, despite this “flop”.

Having no-one sign up does not conclude your story.

Having no-one sign up does not harm your authority or credibility.

Unless you decide it does.

Let’s be real here – it stings when something doesn’t hit the mark.
Be a little odd, if we didn’t feel something.

But here’s the thing… the better you get at launching the flops, the better you get at launching.
The better you get at launching, the closer you get to nailing it.

I am no stranger to things not working – I have been experimenting with creating income online for 18 years.

I am all too familiar with the sting.
All too familiar with the sound of crickets, and investments down the drain.

I’m here to tell you that, I am also very fucking familiar with the power of persistence.
The power of backing myself!
The power of refusing to stop!

That 17 years old me – starting up her first ebay adventure always knew that working for myself was always an option. In fact it was THE option.

My first mission was to get a sale… one sale.
That was all I needed to prove to myself this was possible.

Earning income, from my computer, was possible.

That one sale – lead to the curiosity of HOW. How did that sale happen… what did I say? What did I write? What did I share, that caused someone on the internet to buy from me?

From there, I continued to learn, grow, consume & persist.

All of which lead me to my next goal – to earn 100% of my income online.
By the time I was 19, I was earning enough income to stay home, and be a full time mum working online.

With each new goal I would eventually achieve – the knowing that I was meant for more, grew stronger, the emotional connection to every experiment got weaker.

This is the very combination you need to succeed.

Increased knowing & decreased attachment.

Without backing yourself fully, knowing that everything is just an experiment – until it sticks, and can reproduce results, you will never reach your goals.

Without decreased attachment to the outcomes you will continue to feel the sting, and eventually it will all become too much.

PS. Your audience isn’t always right.

Sometimes the thing you created STILL deserves to be purchased.
A subtle change in how you package it, or market it could be the very thing that went wrong.

Trust your gut instinct & continue to create the life you want.

10 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Ep 5 | Timeblocking for success

Tune in for this epic replay of my MOST listened to and shared episode from the former ,”It’s no side hustle podcast”.

This episode share with you the importance of having boundaries and setting aside time for those boundaries with time blocking.

Timeblocking is a widely used system by business owners, and for very good reason. Tune in to learn how and why I love timeblocking 💛

8 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

When a sleep in is not aligned…you’ll know

Do you ever sleep in beyond what you initially wanted to?

I did – this morning in fact, and I’m not happy about it.
Sometimes we need the extra sleep, I get it. I can hear the voices of friends and family who are always positive and caring, telling me “you obviously needed it”

This is true – we do need sleep. Plus having an almost 9 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night (still wakes 4-5 times in fact) pretty much indicates I likely need the sleep.

However, here’s what I feel to be true.
If I sleep in, and wake feeling refreshed.. I needed it.
If I sleep in and wake feeling “oh fuck!” and irritable, then it was me letting my higher self down.

This morning I had shit to do!
Miles was a real challenge yesterday and didn’t day nap. Well that’s a lie, he did finally give in after an hour of crying, for around 10 mins. enough time for me to grab my phone, sit on the couch and hit record on my phone to create an “about me” video for the website (which btw – I will likely post anyway!)

He also woke the second we got home from gym, jumped in bed, and I again grabbed my phone to write yesterdays blog post… in case you’re looking for it, it’s not there. He took another hour or so to get back to sleep, and by then I was spent.
So I had it in my head, that this morning I’d catch up.
9am I woke.. 9 am!!!
I usually start work (one our e-commerce orders) at 8am.

Adrian didn’t come up to wake me, he never does. He, like most around me, likes to let me get sleep when I can.. I love him for it.
This morning, however, was definitely one of those days when I was really wanting to be up early so I could do the work that lights me up, such as blogging and creating content for the group coaching program I am launching.

Here’s the thing that I want you to take away from this post today,
when you catch yourself feeling irritable, that is an indicator that you are acting out of alignment with your higher self. By higher self, I am talking about the version of yourself that has the life you would love to be living ultimately. The money, the success, the control over their time… all of it. That life, is lived by a certain version of you, one that KNOWS they deserve it all. The one who knows when you make sacrifices, when to say no, and when to just get shit done.

She knows when a sleep-in is needed, and when one wasn’t.

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7 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Daily Money Attraction Checklist

I am all about bringing together the woo with the action. When you mesh together both feminine & masculine vibes in your business you get the magic money flow.

Today I want to share with you some daily habits you can try out (because it’s not what I do that will increase your money flow, it’s what you try that feels good for you that will boost your bank account)

Building a business that is actually profitable, and sustainable enough for you to officially become your own (and only) boss is hard because most people focus on doing what everyone else is doing.
They allow it to stay hard, instead of “trying” out strategys until they find one that works for them.

Let’s get one thing clear though – it’s always hard.. it never stops being hard..

it’s just that our mindset shifts from “hard” being such a shit, downward spiral of negative conversations in our head,

to becoming an opportunity to overcome a new challenge, and grow as a business owner.

I’m on my soap box right now, because I want to be clear that everything I share with you about calling in more money into your business, is merely a strategy that you can try for yourself.

These are strategies, I have learnt from others, and enjoyed enough to want to share with you.

Below is 3 daily money attraction things you can do to increase your money flow:

  1. Check your current offiers.
    Ask yourself “What is available for people to purchase from me right now?”
    If you have nothing available for sale – you’re making it extra hard for money to access you. Create offers to sell – even if it’s a $7 pdf.
  2. Write & or read money affirmations.
    I don’t care if you write them or just read them, this works! It creates an energy around you, and sets the tone for what is expected. The more badass and dominating you make your affirmations, the more likely you’ll be to show up in the day ready to recieve money.
  3. Exposure & Marketing
    Show up! Let yourself be known, be seen, be available.
    I love all things woo, such as manifesting and visualising however, I am 100% a believer in doing the work. I always notice that whenever I show up for my business (even if it’s something as simple as revamping my website, simplifying the navigation ect) I notice a leap in income. I believe this is a balance of focusing in on my business as well as giving up physical energy to my business through actual work.
    In order to attract more money, especially through sales, it’s pretty obvious that marketing your offers, and gaining exposure (through networking, showing up on video, podcasts ect) will result in that outcome. The thing is, unless you’re in a launch period, or pushing a big offer, you forget to marketing everything else.
    Take a look at #1 again, you need to have shit available to sell… even if it’s small. You also need to make sure people know about it… even if it’s small!

Honestly, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with a thousand things to do, in order to attract money.
In fact, that’s likely where you’re going wrong.

Simplify the process, and I can almost guarantee you’ll open up the cash flow gates.

6 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

farewell nice girl – its’s time to level up your circle

Today I was reminded of the power of those you surround yourself with.
We’ve all heard the saying, you are who you spend the most time with, and honestly, we hear that soo much for many of us, it loses it’s impact, it’s chill factor…

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon a really good quote, the type that makes your hairs stand on end.

It’s not exactly one of those quotes… am I right?

Today, however, the truth of that quote was felt for me.
I was scrolling the ‘gram, as I do, and my girl, my OG online Biz Bestie, Christine, shared an IG Story, sharing behind-the-scenes of her about to go live as a guest on a podcast. She was out in the car (parked, doing some after-work commitments) at the time of the live.. but this was a fairly good opportunity that would move her closer to the future she’s creating for herself, so she really wanted to make it work.
She went live, in her car!!! That is some badass making-shit-happen shit right there!

She had me feeling so freaking pumped to show up for myself, because she was showing up for herself, and that inspired the fuck out of me… and that’s why, who you spend time with (especially online) matters.
It makes a massive difference in the energy you give yourself.
Which means you’ll more likely say yes to things that light you up, experiences that move you forward, and scary shit that you gotta do in order to thrive.

It’s time to stop feeling obligated to who you hang out with.
It’s time to stop commenting and engaging just for the sake of it, or to be the nice girl…

Engage with those who move you.
Get in the DM’s with people brave enough to do the things you want to be doing.
Level up your circle, and connect MORE with incredible people who are not afraid to put themselves and their vision ahead of the mundane shit we often get caught up prioritise for who knows what fucking reason.

You deserve to have the life you want – go get it gorgeous!

5 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Ep 3 | Quit the BS & finally prioritize the TIME for your vision.

This episode contains some colorful language…be mindful when listening with little ears…
With that said, I recorded this as a wake-up call for you and your dedication to your future self, that self that is living the life that you stay awake at night fantasizing about living. That beachside cafe, that income stream on autopilot, that holiday to the tropics… that life that is on hold, because you constantly prioritize the life you have right now.
If you struggle with “making time”, “finding time” etc etc.. this is the tough-talking to that you might just need. Tune in & let me know if this hit home for you.

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4 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Can we talk about uncomfortable sacrifices?

I’m all calm and collected on the outside… inside, I am freaking the fuck out!
Okay… it’s actually possible, that I’m freaking out a little on the outside too 🙈🙈

Today… we did a thing.

A HUGE thing.

An extremely uncomfortable thing.

A sacrifice in order to prioritize the life I want so badly to bring into a reality..

We enrolled Miles, into day care!!! Ah I feel a little empty, and uneasy but I know that this huge step, is a giant leap in the most productive and time-effective way forward.

Once a week, for a few hours in the middle of our Thursdays, Miles will be hanging out with new friends at the pretty impressive-looking daycare that is around the corner from our house.
Our goal, is to open up uninterrupted time that both Adrian and I can dive deep into the creative tasks that move the needle most in our business. This might be recording new podcast episodes, or preparing content for upcoming programs.

Whilst we do work from home 100%, and can choose when (and where) we work at any given time, it’s still a challenge to focus with an 8month old who’s not only incredibly cute but also very adventurous.
We have made the decision to sacrifice a few hours once a week of time with our little man, in order to create the income we want to call into our life.

Sometimes we do need to make tough AF decisions. One’s we don’t feel 100% satisfied with.
For us, the big picture is. to open up more money, and more time to create more meaningful experiences and memories with our family.
We want to be less distracted when we are with our kids, and less distracted when it’s time for work.

It can be quite taboo when you work from home, to talk about having your child in daycare. It brings up a feeling of guilt. A feeling of “shit parenting”
I refuse to welcome those thoughts into my day.
I refuse to feel shitty about having ambition.
I refuse to feel guilty about creating wealth.
I refuse to be that woman.

I choose to be Selfishly Unstoppable… and I know… I KNOW that serves the ones I love in the greatest way possible. It allows me to be fully me, energized, and fun. The version of me they deserve in their life.

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3 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

Creating habits to reach short term goals

There’s something to be said about setting short term goals.

As creators and leaders in the online space, its not uncommon to have really big goals & plans for our future selves.
My entire brand is built on the idea of showing up for that future version of yourself, the version that has all the subtle luxuries you would love to welcome into your reality.

The thing is – we often spend far too much time on our vision boards and writing down our dream day with every new online program we sign up for, yet so little time unpacking the steps required to take next in order to move closer to to making that day actually happen.

This is where short term goals become your secret weapon.

Recently, I recorded an episode on the podcast [selfishly unstoppable] with Coach Mack, of Running with Bacon, and she taught us about a thing called habit stacking… whilst we didn’t discuss this concept in the way I’m about to with you, it’s definitely worth listening to so that you feel motivated and inspired to implement what I’m about to share…

Short term goals, become the stepping stones that are intentionally lined out in the direction of our big ass vision. Their intention is to create clarity, and reduce overwhelm.

The short term goals can be then broken down into a series of habits, using the habit stacking strategy coach Mack and I share in episode 4 of the Selfishly Unstoppable Podcast.

This month, I am reaching one of my short term goals of reaching 1000 downloads {on the podcast} by creating a habit of blogging every day in November. Every morning, with my coffee, I will sit down to blog before I start work on our ecommerce business for the day.

My big vision, is to be able to step away from our ecommerce business {either outsource or sell it} and focus solely on evergreen products that generate passive income as well as online coaching programs, where our income is generated 100% virtually, rather than relying on physical products that require production and dispatch.

Reaching 1000 downloads, is a short term goal that is definitely aligned with the big vision I have, because reaching more people that I can help & motivate will create a community who feels a sense of know like & trust with my brand. Something that is crucial to sustainable long term success as an content creation based business.

I’ve shared my example of a short term goal and a habit I have begun to create to reach that short term goal, what’s a goal you can set right now, that nudges you closer to your bigger vision?

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1 November 2021 by jillblackerofficial 0 Comments

It’s called “carving out time” for a reason…

I have never been one to struggle with making space and time for my creative work. It seems to just open up for me.
Perhaps it’s just that I am doing what I love, so the mind can easily tune in, and find pockets of time simply by casting a misty fog over all other tasks that remain pending. Has that ever happened for you?

One part of you knows you have quite a lot that really should get done, perhaps it’s laundry, perhaps it’s a bunch of appointments you need to call and book in… perhaps it’s organizing your daughter’s costume for the party she’s been invited to this weekend…

Then you tune in to the business you’re casually growing on the side, and something you love doing, appears on your mental to-do list… suddenly you pull out your laptop & jump right in… everything else becomes blocked out by the mist of being in flow.

Well, lately, I find myself in new circumstances.
A time in my life, where I find myself with a child, (8 months old now) and still not sleeping through the night, nor napping well during the day… time seems limited.
I still have the same 24hours in my day, I’ve always had.
The same 24 hours in my day that my mentors have.
The same 24 hours in my day that you have.
Yet the days seem to race away before I even get a chance to explore my mental to-do list, and experience the state of flow that I formally found so easy to tap into.

For the past 8 months, washing has piled up, going days between laundry.
School commitments become lost in a pile of “I’ll get to it laters”
and my business is running on autopilot.

If I am honest – I am grateful that I do already have a strong business foundation. I have consistent sales that flow in daily without very much effort or thought.
However, I am working on a new stream of income, where I can create & sell online programs sharing the wisdom I myself, have invested soo much time and money into obtaining over 18 years of building my own online empire.

I love that there is so much opportunity to express myself creatively and tap into the state of flow that allows the rest of my to-dos to be covered over in the glorious misty fog that comes with being inflow.

In the past 8 months, I have come to realise that, the ability to “tap in” and step into that flow state, isn’t as easy as it once was.. in fact, it’s hard as fuck!
It got me thinking as to how many others struggle with this?

It brings me back to time.
We get lost in the thought of “wanting, needing MORE time” and this thought alone is impossible.
No-one can obtain MORE time… in fact, with every passing second, we get less time.. and that is just how life moves forward.

So what we really need to confront is the realization that we must use the time we have in a state of control. Full control.
A really knowing of what is getting done in the time we have been allocated as living beings on this earth.

I really do love the saying “Carve Out Time”
It represents a challenge.
It displays true grit.
A real desire to have control.

We can’t just hope we’ll find the time.
We can’t just assume time will become available.

We need to step into the leader of our own life, and understand that if we don’t start controlling the actions taken in time, then we’ll forever be in a state of losing out.
With so many elements in our day that have the potential to consume up our precious minutes, it’s crucial that we decide once and for all how each minute will be spent.
You get to decide, what you will do now, what you will do next.
You always have a choice!
Even when you think you don’t, you do… you’re just making it for reasons that feel like obvious ones.. (like tending to the baby as he wakes… going to work because you have a job… picking up the children because they attend school)

These time accumulating decisions, seems easy, because the effects of not doing them is almost instant…
But what about the impact of not reaching the level of success you vision for yourself?
What about the impact of always feeling like. you are getting no-where?
What about the impact of wishing you’d have started 3 years ago?

It’s somewhat ridiculous that we don’t second guess spending time on others we love – I’m sure you’d choose picking up your child from school over ironing that load of washing….
Heck you’d even stay up til 2am if your child was sick and needed you.

.. but why is it… that you never allow the same priority to your future self? Your vision? Your success?

I’ll leave you with that thought.. let’s see what you decide to do next.