Can we talk about uncomfortable sacrifices?

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I’m all calm and collected on the outside… inside, I am freaking the fuck out!
Okay… it’s actually possible, that I’m freaking out a little on the outside too πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Today… we did a thing.

A HUGE thing.

An extremely uncomfortable thing.

A sacrifice in order to prioritize the life I want so badly to bring into a reality..

We enrolled Miles, into day care!!! Ah I feel a little empty, and uneasy but I know that this huge step, is a giant leap in the most productive and time-effective way forward.

Once a week, for a few hours in the middle of our Thursdays, Miles will be hanging out with new friends at the pretty impressive-looking daycare that is around the corner from our house.
Our goal, is to open up uninterrupted time that both Adrian and I can dive deep into the creative tasks that move the needle most in our business. This might be recording new podcast episodes, or preparing content for upcoming programs.

Whilst we do work from home 100%, and can choose when (and where) we work at any given time, it’s still a challenge to focus with an 8month old who’s not only incredibly cute but also very adventurous.
We have made the decision to sacrifice a few hours once a week of time with our little man, in order to create the income we want to call into our life.

Sometimes we do need to make tough AF decisions. One’s we don’t feel 100% satisfied with.
For us, the big picture is. to open up more money, and more time to create more meaningful experiences and memories with our family.
We want to be less distracted when we are with our kids, and less distracted when it’s time for work.

It can be quite taboo when you work from home, to talk about having your child in daycare. It brings up a feeling of guilt. A feeling of “shit parenting”
I refuse to welcome those thoughts into my day.
I refuse to feel shitty about having ambition.
I refuse to feel guilty about creating wealth.
I refuse to be that woman.

I choose to be Selfishly Unstoppable… and I know… I KNOW that serves the ones I love in the greatest way possible. It allows me to be fully me, energized, and fun. The version of me they deserve in their life.

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