Black Friday Sale – should you, shouldn’t you?

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Ohh I love a good lead up to Chrissy and this sale marks the beginning of it all as a consumer. However, as a business owner, I can totally understand the pressure of it, and the internal debate of do/don’t I have a little sumfin sumfin promo type thing for black friday.

Well sunshine, that is 100% up to you.

Here’s the thing – it gets to be fully up to you, you do not need to take anything else or anyone elses thoughts into consideration here.

If having a sale sounds fun and energising for you, fuck yeh have a sale… if it feels daunting and overwhelming, there’s no reason you need to put yourself in that head space… unless of course you really want to and it’s just a case of the CBF’s… because our big goals do not have time and space for CBF’s, time to rise above that bullshit.

I usually, don’t feel any kind of buzz around the idea of having my own sale. Never have on my ecommerce site, and never have with any coaching packages…. BuuuUUUUt, I may just have a little sumfin in the works this year… we shall see hehe xx

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