3 days in & I almost gave up!

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Today I actually didnt feel the desire to write.
It is Sunday after all, many would think I’m crazy for even feeling the need to write.

Here’s the thing – there is no need.
Nothing will happen if I had not show up today.
Noone would have even noticed.

That right there… that last thought that popped in my head was the reason I did choose to write today.

That bullshit excuse thats soooooo teeny tiny we let it win almost every time.
It holds soo much power.
Yet the truth is… I would notice.

I would know that I told myself a few days ago when I was pumped as fuck to commit to blogging every. single. day. no matter how short the post ended up. I would know that I bailed on that commitment.

Trust me… past Jill would be sooo pissed!

Sometimes we need to show up when we cant be fucked.
Sometimes we need to show up even tho’ we think noone will notice.

At the end of the day – how you value yourself and the commitments you have made to yourself matter.

In fact they matter most!

If you want to be successful,
If you want to feel confident,
If you want to feel free,
You have to learn to trust yourself.

So start by keeping your own gawd damn promises.

It’s actually no real complicated puzzle as to why you’re constantly having self doubt kick in.. and forever feeling like nothing you try is enough to actually move the needle in your business.

You don’t trust yourself.

Plain and simple.

It’s time to flip the switch from letting others dictate your actions (because after all… they don’t even notice.. *wasn’t that the story you tell yourself when you bail on something?*) and instead dictate your own actions. Own your shit!

Next time you go to throw in the towel, skip a day on your 30 day challenge or bail on that thing you said you’d finally do today… confront yourself. Own the fact you are choosing not to level up in that moment… because that is the truth.

Own. Your. Shit. Then…maybe….. juuust maybe… you’ll change your mind and choose to level up.

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